Indigenous Scholarships (Travel Grants)

Grants, Bursaries & Prizes

These scholarships operate in the same way as the student travel grants and have similar parameters. That is, they are open only to Australian or New Zealand indigenous members (current or intentional) of the MSA or the New Zealand Musicological Society respectively. Applicants are to send applications to the Awards Chair with a copy of the anticipated expenses for traveling by completing the form on the student travel grants page.

Selection may be competitive depending upon the number and quality of applications. The Conference Committee must have accepted the applicant’s paper and/or presentation.

The number of grants awarded will be at the discretion of the Awards Chair and National Executive and may vary from year to year. Indigenous presenters can apply for both indigenous and non-indigenous grants. Applicants do not have to be students.

The funding administration of both the student and the Indigenous travel grants operate according to need.