Student Delegate Conference Prize : 2017 Joint NZMS/40th MSA Conference



Before completing the form below and uploading your paper, please read the following information carefully, to ensure you have complied with the requirements. Please also refer to the notes at the top of the application form regarding the content of the document to be uploaded.

1. Prizes for Student Delegates at the 2017 MSA/NZMS Joint Conference, Auckland, NZ, December 2017

1.1 General

1.1.1 Three Prizes shall be awarded to the best piece of scholarly work presented by a student delegate at the MSA/NZMS Joint National Conference this year. First place shall be awarded a cash prize of $500, second place $250 and third place $100. The Prizes shall be paid by cheque in AUD or NZD depending on the winner's country of residence.

1.1.2 The Prizes shall recognise excellence in the research endeavours of student members of the MSA or NZMS presenting a scholarly work at the Joint National Conference. Successful submissions and their presentation shall exhibit an academic merit and standard distinguishing them from the presentations of other student delegates.

1.1.3 The awards shall not favour any field or approach, but recognise original contributions situated within the general purview of musicological research.

2. Procedures

2.1 At least six weeks before the conference, a general notice shall be circulated by the Joint Chairs of the 2017 Awards Committee in consultation with the National Conference Organising Committee to student delegates whose proposals have been accepted for the forthcoming National Conference.

2.2 Submissions considered for the Prize must be received no later than one week before the commencement of the National Conference, via the submission form on the MSA website.

2.3 Submissions should be made in the form of .doc or .pdf formats as a single, self-contained file sufficient for the evaluation of the submission as a potentially publishable scholarly work. PowerPoint, audio or AV files required for the presentation need not be submitted. The file name should include the author's name (surname, first name) and an abbreviation of the paper title. The document should begin with paper title, author, affiliation and abstract, and include a bibliography or reference list, and end- or footnotes as required. Academic style is optional, however, in-text references are preferred. See further 3.1.4, below.

3. The criteria for judging submissions comprise two main components:

3.1 Scholarly content and argument of the written submission (75% of assessment).

3.1.1 Academic merit shall be determined according to the contribution the submitted version makes to its field(s) either in terms of new findings or new readings of existing knowledge (50%).

3.1.2 The submitted version should be well-structured, factual, make ethical use of sources through appropriate acknowledgement, and employ language suitably and effectively (25%).

3.1.3 The Awards Committee may refer submissions to expert readers if it believes it is required for purposes of assessing the submission according to the criteria set out in section 3.1.1.

3.1.4 The principal text of the version submitted (i.e., excluding abstract, references and endnotes), should not be significantly longer than that of the version presented, which, in order to fall within the allotted presentation time (see 3.2.2), should not exceed c. 2,500 words. Significantly longer submissions may be rejected as unable to be adjudicated.

3.2 Presentation (25% of assessment; to be assessed at the conference).

3.2.1 The applicant should deliver her or his presentation in a clear and effective manner. Papers may be read verbatim and/or PowerPoint presentations spoken to extempore as the applicant chooses. In addition to the manner of delivery, and the clarity and structure of the paper presented, the merit and relevance of the PowerPoint presentation, audio and audio-visual examples, or of performances, shall be considered as required.

3.2.2 The presentation should adhere to the permitted timeframe as set down by the National Conference Organising Committee, i.e., a 20-minute presentation time with 10 minutes allotted for questions.

3.2.3 The ability of the applicant to adequately address questions arising from their presentation in an informed and coherent manner shall also be considered.

3.3 All determinations of the Awards Committee shall be final. There shall be no recourse to review or appeal.

4. Eligibility

4.1 The Prizes are open to candidates enrolled in a program of supervised research at a recognised Australian or New Zealand institution of Higher Education, or Australian or New Zealand citizens studying overseas in non-Australian institutions of higher education. Foreign citizens studying at a non-Australian or non-New Zealand institutions of Higher Education are ineligible for the Prizes.

4.2 Past recipients of MSA or NZMS prizes are also ineligible for these awards.

4.3 The student must be a member of MSA or NZMS at the time their work is presented.

4.4 The submission must be presented at the conference in person.

4.5 The submission shall not have already been presented at another national or international conference, and shall not have already been published.

4.6 Joint submissions, i.e., papers having two or more authors, shall not be eligible for the Prizes.

5. Outcomes and Notification

5.1 The Awards Committee reserves the right not to award any of the Prizes if submissions lack sufficient merit.

5.2 The Joint Chairs of the Committee shall announce the prize winners at an Awards Ceremony at or near the conclusion of the Joint National Conference. Cheques shall be accompanied by a formal letter from both societies confirming the prize and awardee's name. A number of Special Mentions shall also be announced; these shall also receive confirmatory letters. Awardees unable to attend shall be notified by email and provision made to post their cheques.

Application requirements

  • Please note that the total intended presentation time should not exceed 20 minutes. In terms of reading text, this equates to approximately 2500 words, less if you are including musical examples or intend explaining graphics or tables extempore.
  • Please insert any important data from powerpoint slides at the relevant place in the document you upload.The file size of embedded graphics should be minimized. Do not include photos (for example of composers) or other graphics unless they are integral to your argument.
  • Please include a bibliography at the end of the document.
  • The document submitted must be the same as the paper presented at the conference, with only minor adjustments being permitted.
  • Please name the file you upload with your surname and first name, in the format [SurnameFirstname]

Submissions that do not comply with these requirements will not be considered for the prize.

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