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Student Travel Grants

42nd National Conference

Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Monash University 5-7 December 2019

Overview, Process, Eligibility

The MSA shall annually allocate a pool of funding to help fund expenses of student members who present papers at National Conferences.

Beginning in 2011 the MSA undertook to offer travel funding to New Zealand, as well as Australian students.

Student Travel Grants are available to any conference delegate who, at the time of presenting at the conference, is enrolled in a program of supervised research at a recognised Australian or New Zealand institution of higher education. Australian or New Zealand citizens studying overseas in institutions of higher education are also eligible. In accordance with conference guidelines, all presenters are required to be members of the MSA at the time of presenting their papers. New Zealand students presenting at MSA conferences will be required to be members of the New Zealand Musicological Society.

The National Executive will determine an amount to be allocated (from National funds) for student travel scholarships each year. The availability of these funds, and invitation for students to apply for them, should be communicated widely to the MSA and NZMS membership generally along with the Call for Papers and followed up with a reminder to all prospective delegates as soon as the Conference Committee has approved their paper proposals.

Current practice is for the Awards Chair in cooperation with the National Executive to both determine the basis upon which to allocate travel funds (currently the amount is calculated based upon applicant's departure address and whether or not additional institutional funding has been offered).

If there is more than one presenter, only one travel grant may be awarded for each student paper accepted. Students presenting with non-students are not eligible to apply.

The Awards Chair administers the process of receiving applications and communicating with applicants. Every effort should be made to assist as large a number of students as possible to attend; only in the event of insufficient funds should consideration be given to the applicant's seniority.

Applicants should be notified of the outcome within three weeks of the application deadline.

Grants will be paid out to successful applicants at the Conference, usually by cheque, on receipt of proof of travel expenses that are equal to or more than the amount awarded, or as otherwise advised.


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