Bursaries for Indigenous Presenters - Musicological Society of Australia

Bursaries for Indigenous Presenters

The 2006 National Executive wholly supported the motion put to the 2005 Annual General Meeting to offer assistance to future conference committees, to enable Australian or (from 2011) New Zealand Indigenous presenters to attend MSA conferences wherever possible, based on funding capabilities. This invitation from the MSA President is to be extended to each conference committee during the conference preparations, reminding the committees of the motion passed at the 2005 AGM. Each committee will need to respond to the offer with an outlined budget requirement so that negotiations can be made between the National Executive and the relevant conference committee, depending on available funds.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Bursary Supporting an Indigenous Presenter's Attendance at the National Conference ('the Bursary for an Indigenous Presenter')

1.1 Where funds are available, the Committee may award one Bursary for an Indigenous Presenter at a National Conference. The Bursary for an Indigenous Presenter was established by the MSA to support a National Conference Organising Committee wishing to invite and provide some financial support for Indigenous persons at National Conferences. Indigenous Presenter designates a member of any of Australia's (including Torres Strait Islands) or New Zealand's Indigenous communities whose contribution is considered a necessary or desirable aspect of the National Conference.

1.2 Procedures:

1.2.1 The relevant National Conference Organising Committee may nominate a candidate for the Indigenous Presenter Bursary according to the procedures and timeframe set out in the MSA National Conference Guidelines.

1.2.2 The Convenor(s) of a National Conference is/are not obliged to apply for the funding of the Bursary for an Indigenous Presenter or to design/alter the structure of a conference to accommodate an Indigenous Presenter.

1.2.3 Upon receiving an application for the Bursary for an Indigenous Presenter from the National Conference Convenor(s), the Committee may advise the National Executive whether the Bursary for an Indigenous Presenter should be funded in the requested manner.

1.3 Types of activities that may be funded:

1.3.1 Travel to attend a National Conference.

1.3.2 Registration at a National Conference and payment of MSA membership fees for one year.

1.3.3 Accommodation and/or meals during a National Conference.

1.4 The following activity is excluded from support by the Bursary for an Indigenous Presenter:

1.4.1 Welcome to Country at a National Conference or related event, e.g. Joint Conference. By convention, the expenses associated with this ceremony must be part of the conference's operating budget.