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Bengal Renaissance Charisma Clarinet Trio

Crip the Light Fantastic Men in Suits Nava Ensemble

Nava Ensemble


Forum & Concert Sunday 30 November

Nava is an exciting, vital and highly virtuosic musical ensemble which endeavours to introduce audiences to Persian Classical Music and its wide repertoire of musical styles. It also draws inspiration from the various regional folk musics of Iran, and its spirited and energetic performances celebrate the centuries-old spiritual and mystic poetry of Persia.

Nava was founded in 2010 by a group of accomplished Persian musicians living in Adelaide, all of whom have undertaken many years of musical training with renowned musicians in Iran. Their passion for their musical heritage brought them together, as did a mutual aspiration - to connect with Australian audiences through the medium of traditional Persian classical music. Nava has presented many successful performances in South Australia in collaboration with the Persian Cultural Association of SA. Highlights include the World Music Series at Nexus Multicultural Art Centre, Songs of Journey Concert at the Adelaide Festival Centre, The Nowruz Festival, the SA Medieval Festival and sell-out concert s at the Prospect Town Hall and the Elder Hall, Adelaide University. They have been supported by the Australian government's DSCP Multicultural Arts and Festival Grants.




Pouria Aryan (Tar)

Mahzad Fard (Daf)

Mohammead Mirhosseini (Ney)

Rahim Nikzad (Tar)

Maryam Parsi (Vocal)

Shiva Rouholfada (Santoor)

Parastoo Vesal (Tonbak)


"Nava" is the name of one of the twelve principal modal systems (Dastgah in Persian) of Persian traditional music. It refers to the sounds of singing and playing music.



On Sunday afternoon, Nava members will take part in a special instalment of the MSA's Gender and Sexuality Forum on the far-reaching question of Women in Persian Musical Culture, chaired by John Phillips and David Irving. This will be followed by a concert later in the evening.

Crip the Light Fantastic


Melinda Smith

Concert Saturday 29 November

Forget everything you thought you knew about disability. Crip the Light Fantastic is a showcase of some of Melbourne’s best disabled musicians and dancers and there won’t be a therapist in sight. The performers in Crip the Light Fantastic are all professional musicians and dancers who use the differences in their brains and bodies to create unique artworks. They are members of Melbourne’s thriving disability subculture, sometimes known as crip culture, in a reappropriation of the word cripple. So join us for Crip the Light Fantastic, and get a glimpse into Melbourne’s underground Crip Culture Scene


Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra



Rudely Interrupted



An Exploration of Disability Music Culture


Dancer, Melinda Smith is currently a member of Melbourne’s Weave Movement theatre, and has performed across Victoria and toured to Sweden and India. In 2012 Melinda was awarded Arts Access Australia’s “Cultivate” grant. Working with choreographer Dianne Reid, Melinda used the grant to develop her dance practice, focusing on skills of balance, improvisation, vocalisation, physical comedy and humour.  Melinda and Dianne are currently developing a full-length performance for the Melbourne Fringe 2014.


Crip-folk trio the Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra are the rebels of Australia’s disability music scene. They originally formed as the backing band for an amputee strip-tease artist and are the house band for Quippings, the only regular queer/disabled cabaret night in the country. Their performances are aimed at proving that people with disabilities are just as capable of promiscuity, drug abuse and debauchery as anyone else. Their debut film clip, Welcome won the judge’s choice award at the Nova Focus on Ability Short Film Competition and will be featured in the Other Film Festival in Melbourne in December.


One of Australia’s most unique indie rock acts, Rudely Interrupted have been touring and releasing their brand of pitch perfect indie/rock/love/pop anthems across the Globe since 2007. This remarkable contemporary group of unlikely rockers have carved out a sonic signature all their own and have performed in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, China and Italy. They are currently working on their next album, I am Alive.


Charisma Clarinet Trio


Concert  Monday 1 DECEMBER

Charisma was founded by clarinettist Roslyn Dunlop and cellist Julia Ryder in 1995 to explore and develop music for clarinet and cello. The duo premiered many works and enjoys an international reputation for lively and virtuosic music-making, receiving critical acclaim for tours in Australasia and Europe.

David Miller, pianist joined Charisma in 2003, as a trio they have played many innovative concerts, with pieces spanning four centuries and four continents. Many pieces have been written especially for them by composers from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Britain and Germany. As part of their commitment to the performance of Australian Music they have commissioned many works and given innumerable first performances. Charisma enjoys lively music making and has been complimented by audiences as an engaging trio presenting interesting and eclectic programmes in an informative way.




Ros Dunlop (Clarinet)

Julia Ryder (Cellist)

David Miller (Pianist)


Charisma moves easily across all kinds of musical boundaries, from classical to blues, avant-garde to tangos, and minimalist to multi-media works. The marriage of styles has led to performances in unconventional venues such as jazz clubs, art galleries, bars and open spaces as well as traditional concert halls. They tour regionally performing and conducting composer workshops and masterclasses for performers.

Their CD Charisma,has received critical acclaim for its quality, innovation and musical attributes. They are currently recording a CD of Australian women composers for release in 2015. Charisma regularly records for ABC classic FM.

Men in Suits



Closing Ceremony, Tuesday 2 December

Current musical co-directors Joseph Jordania & Chris Blain have continued the choir’s quirky but well-dressed style developed under its original suitmeister, Stephen Taberner (of The Spooky Men’s Chorale).  From runner-up at the National Folk Festival’s ‘Motown’ competition in 2010, to the streets and foyers of Melbourne, to the boardrooms of the corporately established - Men in Suits will enliven, surprise, astonish and perhaps even disturb those in their presence.

Having burst onto Melbourne's music scene with an unvited debut performance at the BMW Edge in 2007, Men in Suits has continued to surprise and delight audiences in south-east Australia with its repertoire of deadpan originals, revolutionary anthems, Georgian lullabies and classic pop songs (with twist). Its 20-plus members sing unaccompanied and unabashed in a style of their own.

The group is currently promoting a second CD during their ‘Aspirational National Two-Year Tour’, taking in booked and impromptu perform-ances at festivals and concerts from Melbourne to places beyond.

With the drawn-out launch of the “we are here to help you” CD, Men in Suits continues to connect audiences with the inner suited man.  With tender harmonies and a full range of mantones, they turn heads but never stomachs. Yes it’s a choir - but not what you’d expect!

Men in Suits Website

Sounds of the Bengal Renaissance: The Music of Raja Sourindro Mohan Tagore




2014 | 37th National Conference of the MSA | The Charisma of Dissonance

Wyselaskie Auditorium & CTM Lecture Rooms, 29 College Crescent, Parkville

29 November - 2 December 2014.