Don & Joan Squire Award - Musicological Society of Australia

60%20YEARS%20MARRIED%20%282%29.JPG Don & Joan Squire Award

for Voluntary Services to Musicology in Australia


Past Awardees (click on name to see citation)

2008 Gordon D. Spearritt (Qld)

2009 Doreen Bridges (SA)

2010 John Whiteoak (Vic)

2011 Stephen Wild (ACT)

2012 Allan Marett (NSW)

2013 Therese Radic (Vic)

2014 David Symons (WA)

2015 David Tunley (WA)

2016 Margaret Kartomi (Vic)

2017 Robin Holmes (SA)

2018 Linda Barwick (NSW)

2019 John A. Phillips (NSW)



In 2008 the MSA established an annual award to be known as the Don & Joan Squire Award for Voluntary Services to Musicology in Australia. The Award acknowledges exceptional voluntary service and is funded by Stephanie Rocke. Through its name it honours her parents' voluntary, unpaid activities in both music and other fields. The Award seeks to encourage a culture of volunteering within the MSA and to enhance the standing of the MSA in the music research community.

The Award

The Award shall be a cash prize of $500, adjusted from time to time to maintain its present-day value. For the purposes of the Award, Musicology is broadly defined to include the scholarly study of any and all music.


Any person who has made a significant, voluntary contribution to the musicological community is eligible to be nominated for the Award except 1) any person who, at the time of the call for nominations, is a member of the MSA National Committee or 2) a nominee for any position on the MSA National Committee. Nominees need not be members of the MSA, but they must be affiliated with Musicology in Australia in some significant way.

Nominations and Call for nominations

Nominations are to be made by Chapter committees of the MSA. Nominations must be submitted to the Awards Chair under the signature of the President of the Chapter and be seconded by another two members of the committee. Each Chapter may nominate one person annually. The nomination must include 1) the name, address, telephone and e-mail address of the nominee, 2) justification of the nomination (not exceeding two pages). The call for nominations should be made at least three calendar months prior to the commencement of the MSA National Conference. A record of annual nominations is to be preserved in the MSA archives.

Closing date for nominations

Nominations must be received two calendar months prior to the commencement of the MSA National Conference. Late nominations will not be accepted without prior approval. If a National Conference is not held in any year, the National Committee may decide whether or not to administer the Award in that year.


A recommendation for the Award is to be made to the National Committee. The National Secretary will circulate the recommendation to all members of the National Committee for approval. The recommended nominee must gain the approval of two thirds of the members of the National Committee in order to qualify for the Award. This process must be concluded at least one calendar month prior to the commencement of the National Conference. The National Committee may elect not to make an award in any year if none of the nominees is deemed suitable or if no nominations are received. In this case two Awards of the full value may be awarded in a subsequent year.

Announcing and presenting the Award

The winner should be advised confidentially as soon as a decision has been reached, at least one month prior to the commencement of the National Conference.

An announcement of the winner of the Award, including a prepared citation, is to be made in an appropriate ceremony at the National Conference during a plenary assembly of the MSA membership. Every effort should be made to ensure that the Award winner is present. A cheque to the value of the Award together with a letter of congratulations from the MSA President is to be presented to the winner at the ceremony or forwarded. If the winner is not able to be present, the cheque, the letter and a copy of the Award must be forward to the recipient within seven days of the announcement. The original Award should be presented to the winner by the President ot the relevant MSA Chapter at the first Chapter event after the Award has been announced.

Amendments to the Award

Any amendments to the Award proposed by the National Committee should ensure that the spirit and aims of the Award are maintained and must be approved at an Annual General Meeting of the MSA under the same rules applying to amendments of the constitution.




2014 Winner, David Symons with Patricia Alessi