Email Test - Musicological Society of Australia

Dear ##first_name## ##surname##


1) Testing that Emails from the MSA Executive are being received by Current (2018-2019) MSA Members

You are receiving this because you are a current Member of the Musicological Society of Australia. The purpose of this email is to test that emails sent by the MSA Executive Committee are being delivered to all current members. We do not send hard copy letters to members and need to confirm the integrity of our emailing system from time to time, to ensure all members are receiving the information and announcements they are entitled to.

As you are reading this now, you are clearly receiving the emails. Please let us know this is the case by REPLYING to this email, CHANGING THE SUBJECT TO YES before hitting send.

2) Clarification between emails sent to Current MSA Members from the National Executive, and the MSA-LIST, to which all members past and present may belong.

When you joined the MSA you would have been subscribed to the MSA-supported email list [MSA-LIST], which allows members of the MSA-LIST to post emails to other Members of the MSA-LIST. Once subscribed you remain a member of MSA-List, regardless of whether you retain paid membership to the MSA, until you decide to unsubscribe.

If you are not currently receiving these MSA-LIST emails and would like to do so, please let us know separately from the above response. Some Universities have blocked the MSA-LIST emails in the past, and may be continuing to do so. The most recent MSA-LIST email was from Robert Burke on 4 November 2018, announcing the publication of his new book.

Yours sincerely

Stephanie Rocke on behalf of the MSA Executive

Alan Davison (President) Megan Burslem (Secretary) Stephanie Rocke (Treasurer) Brigitta Scarfe (Membership Secretary)