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Shifts and Turns: Moving Music, Musicians and Ideas

30 Nov - 3 Dec 2016

39th National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia
Elder Conservatorium of Music, The University of Adelaide

Convenors: Steven Knopoff and Daniela Kaleva

Call for papers - CLOSED 20 May 2016

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Fifteen years into the 21st century, we find musicology and its practitioners being re‑defined by an unprecedented engagement with the manifold traditions and cultures of a global society. The internet and new collegial networks open exciting challenges for all of us, whether we are established scholars, teachers and performers or just starting a career in music. All of us face a galaxy of new research possibilities.

In 2016, the MSA Conference invites us to reflect on recent changes in our environment and how we are dealing with them. Our conference theme, Shifts and Turns: Moving Music, Musicians and Ideas, looks in several directions, back into our shared heritage, outwards to the cultures of our region and forwards to our uncertain future.

The conference suggests consideration of a number of issues facing each of us. These include live performance, mediated and hybrid forms of music, the role of music and musicology in the community (through festivals, conferences and other events), the dissemination of music (public interface, broadcasting, music commentary and criticism), publishing and promotion, the roles of archives and music administration, issue-based policy and lobby groups, and interdisciplinary approaches to music research.

The Conference looks to expand its theme into specific strands, such as:

  • New connections and approaches in music scholarship across all eras and traditions
  • Musicology 2020: prospects for the future
  • Performance, moving emotions and the capacity for enchantment
  • The impact of technology on music practice and performance, research and pedagogy, dissemination and consumption
  • Changes to music practice and experience resulting from migration and mass communication networks
  • Refashioned identities in music
  • Australian music heritage, particularly the music heritage of South Australia

While the main strands of the conference focus on changes in musical practices and research, the conference organisers invite proposals for papers and panels relating to all other topics of interest to MSA members.


Abstract Submission

Submissions are now closed.

Planning Committee

Daniela Kaleva & Steven Knopoff (Convenors), Kimi Coaldrake, Peck Jin Gan (Treasurer), James Koehne (Concert Committee Chair), Vincent Plush, Graham Strahle, Jula Szuster (Program Committee Chair)

Program Committee

Jula Szuster (Chair), Kimi Coaldrake, James Koehne, Graham Strahle

Keynote Speakers

Professor Gao Ping

Professor Michael Burden

Associate Professor Kimi Coaldrake

Special Events

Reception for Roger Covell's Book Launch

Soundstream Emerging Composers Forum Concert

Prof Michael Burden Music Artefacts Reception

Conference Dinner

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra "Fantastic Symphony - Master 9" Concert

Ngeringa Post-Conference Grainger-in-the-Hills Experience

Registration Information