Ms Christina Green




University of Western Sydney


  • 21st Century
  • 20th Century

Broad topic or area

  • Sacred | Spiritual | Mystical | Religious


  • Gender and sexuality
  • I am a Composer
  • Philosophical

Specific research interests

Practice-led research in creative arts work. Re the sharing of details below, I am up for sharing, but not via publication online that can simply be publicly accessed. Members only, and 3rd party that the MSA considers might be to my benefit, yes, but not postal address - thanks. My area of greatest interest musicologically is not listed above - I am interested in music in the Downtown scene NYC, the history behind that, etc., John Cage/experimental/Pauline Oliveros and so on, and music in that tradition worldwide. Student status evidence - I have uploaded the recent email with approval to graduate - I am still a student at WSU, with graduation in December likely. I can send another document if required. I only see secondary email above - my primary email is I am also very unsure about the password required here - both visible, and unclear what it is for. I have put something in that doesn't matter a lot, and hope this can be clarified - thanks.