Ms Vanessa Tammetta

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University of Sydney

Study groups

  • Australian


  • 21st Century
  • 20th Century
  • 19th Century
  • Classical
  • Baroque

Broad topic or area

  • Music in the Arts: Iconography-Music in literature-Criticism
  • Music Theatre: Dance | Film | Musicals | Opera
  • Performance: Historical performance practice | Injuries |Methods |Techniques |Theories |Performers
  • Popular: Music | Culture
  • Western Art Music

Specific research interests

I am currently completing a Masters degree examining Erich Wolfgang Korngold�s Violin Concerto (1946), which to date has received very little academic attention, despite its being the most popular and performed of Korngold�s works. I aim to do this by establishing a methodology that best reflects the actual processes undertaken by a performer in the preparation of the work for performance. Rather than just utilising traditional forms of analysis that centre on such aspects as harmonic language and structure, I am drawing on a phenomenological framework to address multiple levels of discussion.